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Leather - Craft - Design

Quality Leather & Craftmenship

I choose leather because it is a natural, durable and sustainable medium. Exploring the different textures and playing with the possibilities that each new hide brings enables me to make each piece unique, with its own character and yet still conforming to my art. I’m led by the medium and the medium is shaped by me as we work ‘together’ to make the perfect vessel. With time and use each bag will pick up evidence of its owner’s lifestyle and continue to develop its own unique character.

Sustainability & Zero Waste approach
The hides used for the designs of LABOUR OF ART, are full grain (the strongest and most durable leathers) and are carefully selected from a small tannery in the Bavarian Mountains. Unlike most leathers, these ecologically processed skins are vegetable tanned with seeds of the Valonea plant. Incorporating the unique traits of each hide to full effect, the design process becomes one whith a zero waste approach. What others see as ‘faults’ become the very essence of what is beautiful about each of my creations.

Invitation to play
Every piece created by LABOUR OF ART is unique. A landmark in the exploration of new opportunities in design. Enjoying the expedition, curious to find out what is next, is my lead. Where the raw materials and my craftmanship serve as a guide. That is what pushes me in my work as a designer. And that is where I invite my customers to enjoy my products with a playful approach.