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Leather Sculpture VI

Image of Leather Sculpture VI

Experimenting with various materials and especially working with leather pushes my imagination. I created a small series of wired, leather structures to expand my boundaries of traditionally leather bag making. Stepping into a flow of curiosity these tactile objects evolved.

I presented them as a flexible installation during the Art Weekend - IN BETWEEN march 2018. This as part of a group exhibition in an abondond hospital in Gouda, The Netherlands.

Fellow Artists Susan Bink, Arben Brahimay, Randy Etty, Zaza Hertog en Saskia Janssen, Anouk Mulders, Ruud Harte, Rita Heerkens, Pluck, Annemarie Rijkse, Rianne Snik, Wendy van den Bogert.

Material: Natural Veg Tanned Leather; Wire; will darken and rust dye overtime
Size: flexible structure app. 6" (15 cm) x 1.20" (3 cm)

Each item can be purchased seperately, or choose your set.
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