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Unique Artisan Vegtanned Leather Wallet

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Unique vegtanned leather wallet. Through unique and natural oxidation process I created a wild black pattern. Artisan flat constructed wallet with two compartments. Natural inner lining hand dyed in black. Fits an iPhone 6 mobile, bills and other small valuables. For travel, at home or as a special gift. Safe magnetic closure.

Width: ca 7.8" (20 cm)
Hight: ca 4" (10 cm)

• vegtanned leather
• darkened leather
• oxidation dye pattern
• unlined, natural inner black dyed lining
• magnetic closure
• two compartments

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My designs are unlined which is part of the authentic pure aesthetics and playful style of LABOUR OF ART. The quality leather I am using is robust and slightly distressed. There may be minor imperfections which enhance the character. Please also keep in mind, that colour and texture of leather may slightly vary between pieces and your screendisplay. Foto props only indicate size and suggestion for use and are not included.